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iBrainy empowers older adults to learn, connect and feel relevant again
through accessible and educational quiz games,
courses & community features.
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Active learning is fun and beneficial
Lifelong learning to enhance mental capital and health. According to research, learning correlates to successful aging, and knowledge correlates to knowledge-esteem
Lifelong education enables older people to gain self-confidence, show their creativity, and share their skills and experience. People with high levels of mental capital are more likely to remain independent for longer.
We all "knowledge is power," but why is that? Knowledge gives you control over your life and understanding of the world around you. It can make you appear more intelligent, make you feel smarter, improves your self-confidence, and helps to develop social skills.
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Educating Quiz Games
According to research, quizzing is a better way to learn that improves the performance of the person who learns. Also, quizzing with feedback provides a more positive learning outcome than multiple readings without quizzes.
Active learning can promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent functional decline among older adults. Learning general, academic, and modern-day knowledge will help keep your mind sharp and your knowledge up-to-date.
Learning together with community and friends
Our technology creates opportunities for social connectedness, helping alleviate social isolation & loneliness. Socializing and connecting improve well-being, and a digital community can reduce the sense of loneliness.
Why learn alone when you can have the benefits of learning together with your old friends, meeting new friends, and learning together in the History Club, Geography Club, Science Club, and more.
Artificial intelligence boosting your learning
Our artificial intelligence creates a personalized experience for every user. We tailor-made the courses, quizzes, questions, and community suggestions for you. Yes, specifically you.
All to empower you and help you learn and find new friends in the best way possible. Oh, and we also make sure it's super fun.
Mesure your success and growth
In your personal dashboard, you can see all your achievements & scores. You also find their suggestion that is personal for you, based on your preferences and needs.
See what you learned, on which topic you excel and which require some more learning.
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